For eight consecutive years Spring Lake Wesleyan Church has engaged in a life-changing season we’ve called 40 Days. We’ve studied and prayed and fasted and allowed God to perform a search of our hearts each year. The adventure has impacted hundreds of people. Last year we did “40 Days of Purpose” and studied Rick Warren’s book The Purpose-Driven Life.

40 Days: The Fruitful Life is a follow-up to 40 Days of Purpose intended to recalibrate our church’s philosophy and lifestyle of evangelism around its only true source: connection to Christ.

The Six weeks of 40 Days: The Fruitful Life are as follows:

Week 1 – The Fruit of the Vine
Week 2 – The Fruit of the Spirit
Week 3 – The Fruit of Experience
Week 4 – The Fruit of Values
Week 5 – The Fruit of the Disciplines
Week 6 – The Fruit of Multiplication