For churches looking to take a 40 Day journey through the book The Fruitful Life here are the key materials and resources available here:

The Fruitful Life: What Will I Be Remembered For?—by David Drury. With readings for each day of the 40 Day Journey, this book challenges a whole church to rethink evangelism in terms of fruitfulness and rediscover discipleship in terms of being connected to the vine.

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50-149 = $10 each
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500+ = $8 each
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Small Group DVD—More than 10 minutes of video for each of the 6 weeks of a 40 Day journey for groups or classes . Hosted by Dave Horne, it features the teaching of Dennis Jackson and interviews with many others. Includes a basic leader/host training.

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Free Download - TFL Logo, Big Grapes, Book Cover

The Fruitful Teen Life—by Brian Bradford, Nate Kingsbury, & Josh Wright. Written in a style that relates to teens and their world, these weekly booklets are the core of the student journey.

Free to Download –
Week1, Week2, Week3, Week4, Week5, Week6
Cover1, Cover2, Cover3, Cover4, Cover5, Cover6

Teen Program—Student ministry ideas, creative elements, ways to take the teens of a church through the 40 Days together with the adults and kids.

Free to Download – Weeks: One Two Three Four Five Six

40 Days Worship Service-Builder – Service ideas and elements, and helps for building an overall 40 Days journey in the church.

Free to Download – Suggested Worship Songs
Weeks: One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six

Message Resources – Outlines, Message Notes, and PowerPoint

Free to Downloads – PowerPoint File Weeks 1 - 6
Week One: Outline, Notes, PDF
Week Two: Outline, Notes, PDF
Week Three: Outline, Notes, PDF
Week Four: Outline, Notes, PDF
Week Five: Outline, Notes, PDF

Week Six: Outline, Notes, PDF
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Children’s Program—Kids booklets, program ideas, creative elements, elementary age take-home materials, and pre-school take-home materials.

Free to Download – Children's Program
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*Many 40 Days materials are completely free of charge but for some a charge is obviously necessary. Our aim is to help resource your church to do this if you choose to use them. You’ll find that nearly everything is here to simply resource you if there is no ongoing cost to our church or to to produce it. We hope this equips you in your ministry while still enabling us to produce the few materials that do cost money to produce. Because of this philosophy we have not yet imposed an overall “40 Days Registration” charge to people to download these free elements. We just found these things to be useful and we hope they help your ministry too!