The Fruitful Life: What Will I Be Remembered For? by David Drury will help you reimagine evangelism in terms of your own connection to God. Instead of just ‘doing’ evangelism, you’ll learn to make the fruitful life a part of who you are all the time.

The book is laid out in 40 short and readable chapters, includes weekly small group questions and memory verses.

In The Fruitful Life we discover that “Fruit is not optional. Healthy things grow and produce. It is as natural for a Jesus-follower as it is in nature. Unfortunately, many believers struggle to produce fruit. They don't reach out to unbelievers as they know they should. They lack fruit.”

Sample Pages of the Book (PDF) take a sample test drive of the book including the contents, introduction and the first chapter.

You'll need to have an Adobe PDF reader to view the sample pages of the book. If you do not have one installed, you can download it for free directly from Adobe by clicking here.

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